Our goal with the Bikeparkitect Modular Pumptrack System is to provide investors with affordable, sustainable, low maintenance solutions to the increasing demand for Pumptracks. Before we get too deep into details about our structure, lets take a quick look a what a pumptrack really is: A pumptrack is a new kind of structure where the riders use an up and down ‘pumping’ motion to propel the bicycle forward instead of pedalling. Pumptracks are perfect structures for practicing balance, learning skills and improving confidence on the bike, not to mention a great, full body, workout!  They create a community environment by catering to vast age group and bridging the generation gap between adults, small children, adolescents and even the elderly.

Modulární pumptrack modrý

To quote Brian Finestone, manager of the Whistler Bikepark:

“My vision for the future of pumptracks is to have one in every town across Canada. In every place you see skateparks, baseball diamonds and tennis courts, you should see pump tracks. They are the feeders to the sport of mountain biking and the key to longevity of the sport.”

And Claudio Caluori, founder of Velosolutions GmbH, and manger of GSTAAD racing team:

“Kids love them, amateurs love them, pros love them. Pumptracks should be in every town just like kids’ playgrounds or soccer fields. Pump tracks get people involved sports, get them together, get them to have fun outside and do something for their health!”

The first pumptracks were generally made out of dirt, but due to the large initial investment, maintenance costs, dusty/muddy conditions and liability issues, they never really became popular with investors. Pumptracks today, can be made with: fiberglass, asphalt, pour in place concrete, and prefabricated concrete that solve almost all of the problems related to dirt tracks and are beautiful structures that investors can be proud to own or put in the center of town.

Bikeparkitect Modular Pumptrack

The Bikeparkitect Modular Pumptrack is the result of many years of design experience in the bike structure and infrastructure field. This knowhow, along with the input from pro riders, builders and designers worldwide, has resulted in a unique and modular structure that can be simultaneously enjoyed by all ages. They are safe and great fun to ride for all rider skill levels and are suitable for any size bicycle from: balance-bikes without pedals, to kids bikes and BMX, to full size mountain bikes. They are also great fun on “small wheel” sports equipment like: skateboards, inline skates and scooters. Our structures are modular, flexible and moveable to suit any type of terrain and land usage issues. They can be made from various kinds of materials and colors to suit the needs of the client and match their surroundings. They can be installed permanently, semipermanently and even temporarily for special events. Manufacturing is 100% in house ensuring top quality materials and finish. Our team of experienced professionals hand cut and assemble all of the parts with care and attention to detail right here in Europe. All of our structures are certified by TUV to respect the unified EU norms for safety in children’s playgrounds: EN-1176-1:2009 and EN-1176-7:2009.

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We start with best quality, ecological, new materials:

  • woven glass fiber composite
  • top grade lumber
  • marine grade plywood with anti-slip surfaces
  • ecological resins and paints for insect and weatherproofing
  • top grade lumber
  • rust resistant torx-head screws with vandalism resistant features
  • zink anodized bolts and hardware

Finished modules are then shipped worldwide for installation in:

  • public bikeparks
  • urban areas
  • sport and recreation centers
  • bike resorts
  • trail networks
  • private bikeparks
  • bike hotels
  • mountain sports centers
  • adventure parks
The Bikeparkitect Modular Pumptrack is the result of many years of design experience in the bike structure and infrastructure field.