BIkeparkitect employs a team of professionals that build prefabricated wooden structures for clients world wide. This in-house production center insures a high level of quality and competitive prices for our clients. We provide a product that will live up to the standard that our clients have come to expect from us and bring smiles to the faces of cyclists.

We start with the highest quality lumber and plywood, precision cut to within a quarter of a millimeter. Cut parts are treated with ecological resins and paints for both insect and weatherproofing.

Once treated, the parts are sent to assembly where they are screwed together with vandalism resistant Torx head screws. The assembly procedure includes the use of custom made steel jigs that insure all modules are identical within our strict assembly parameters.

Assembled modules are sent to the finishing department for a last coat of paint and a rigorous quality control inspection before being moved to the warehouse for storage.

Finished parts are shipped from our warehouse to all parts of the world. Overseas via shipping container, and within Europe via freight service.

We start with best quality ecological new materials. Ecological insect and weatherproofing resins and paints.

High-quality processing of natural materials.